Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I've always enjoyed using beauty and seduction as a way of engaging people with 
Yinka Shonibare, Odile and Odette, 2005, color film
"To be an artist, you have to be a good liar. There's no question about that. If you're not, you can't be a good artist. Basically, you have to know how to fabricate, how to weave tales, how to tell lies, because you're taking your audience to a nonexistent space and telling them that it does exist. " Yinka Shonibare
Yinka Shonibare, How to Blow up Two heads at once, 2006
how does headlessness function here?   
Yinka Shonibare, Scramble for Africa
Yinka Shonibare, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews without their Heads, 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews - Thomas Gainsborough
thomas Gainsborough, MR. and Mrs. Andrews, 1750
Maurizio Cattelan, La Nona Hora, 1999

La Nona Ora (1999) de MAURIZIO CATTELAN (photo de Zeno Zotti)

Maurizio Cattelan, Him, 2006

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The Guggenheim retrospective

Maurizio Cattelan,  Super Us, 1996

Maurizio Cattelan, Bidibidobidiboo, 1996

‘‘The thing about this award on some levels is that my work ... all of it has this first impact, the sort of impact of spectacle. It’s beautifully made, strong, aesthetic, so people are interested in that and it draws them in, and then they get interested in the idea. It takes a while to get to the idea. It’s not easy. So this award says, 'We get it, we get what you’re trying to do, we’ve gone beyond the surface, we can see that there are ideas underneath, and these ideas are about the opportunity for connection’.’’

Patricia Piccinini, The Young Family, 2002

Silicone, polyurethane, leather, plywood, human hair

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