Friday, April 15, 2016

Art Yesterday and Today

Folk Artist

Henry Darger. View remarkable documentary called In the Realms of the Unreal

James Hampton, Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millenium General Assembly, found materials, 1950-1964

Untitled (After H.B.)
Robert Longo, his own homage project, here.

Robert Longo, Men in the City,  here

Chuck Close, Self-Portrait, starting point here, valuable documentary available called Chuck Close, a Portrait in Progress.
Vija Celmins, learn more with Art 21 here

Photorealist Sculpture

Patricia Piccinini, starting point, including her 'altered vespa sculptures' (my term) here

Ron Mueck, photo credit here, start with Mueck here.

Post-Medium Condition

Cai Guo-Qiang (fireworks, gunpowder drawings, and taxidermy installations), photo credit here, start with Art 21 Episode about Cai Guo-Qiang .
Mark Dion When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Toys R U.S.) 1995 mixed media installation Courtesy Skarstedt Fine Art
Mark Dion, installations, mostly based on natural objects altered by humans,  start with the art 21 episode here.

Buckminster Fuller, start here.

Mike and Doug Starn, multimedia and video installations. Start at their own website

Gordon Matta Clark, altered buildings, photo credit here, start here.

Felix Gonzales Torres, Perfect Lovers, 1990 image credit and valuable interview from Queer Cultural center website here.

Damien Hirst, photocredit and short article here. Start at the artist's website for further info.

Appropriation Art

Jeff Koons, image credit, many more images, and bibliography here.

Shepherd Fairey, starting place here.

Nicolas Lambert

Kinetic/Machine/Science Art

Arthur Ganson, great images here, and view his talk here.

Theo Jansen, view his talk here.

Nicolas Lambert


Brothers Quay

Jan Svankmajer. valuable interview here.


Pippilotti Rist, good short article here.

Bill Viola. Start at Viola's website here.
"I am interested in what the old masters didn't paint, those steps in between." - Bill Viola

Starn Twins. Start here.

One of my favorite videos by William Kentridge. Begin your study of Kentridge by watching his episode on Art21


Cindy Sherman

Yasumasa Morimura. a brief, harsh, critique here.

Hiroshi Sugimoto. Start with Art 21 here.
Francesca Woodman, good article here. Another, very strong, here.

Sally Mann, start here.

Emmet Gowin, one source. richer source.

Nicholas Nixon, brown sisters  series, good source of images here. more info here.

Bill Brandt, short article here. a bit more here.

Dawoud Bey, photo credit here. start here.

Lorna Simpson, start here.

Abstract Expressionism (loosely interpreted) (and Modern, not contemporary!)

Mark Rothko

Jackson Pollock

Georgia O'keefe

Helen Frankenthaler

Willem de Kooning

Joseph Alpers

Arthur Dove


Jeff Donaldson


Julie Heffernan

Walton Ford. start here.

Yayoi Kusama. Amazing installation here. start here.

Moyo Ogundipe start here.

Street Art:
Swoon (Callie Curry) see her talk on here. (Street art and Installation Piece)

Jean-Michel Basquiat. start with the documentary Radiant Child and in the library.


Janine Antoni. start here.

Adrien Piper start here.

Ana Mendieta

Joseph Beuys

Eleanor Antin. start here.

Chris Burden start here.

Revolutionary Art

Geurilla Girls start here.

Judy Chicago start with the documentary Women!Art!Revolution!

Barbara Kruger. start here.

Jenny Holzer start here.

Betye Saar. start here.

Faith Ringgold start here. and watch the documentary WomenartRevolution

Sue Coe


Philip Johnson start here.

Frank Gehry. Start here.

Frank Lloyd Wright start here.

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